Ramy Eidi Has Put Together An Impressive Portfolio Of Properties

July 13, 2015
Ramy Eidi is a veteran of the commercial real estate industry, specializing in revitalizing undervalued properties with hidden values. Through upgrades or updates, he has been able to bring out the hidden value in these commercial properties and boost their value. Rami Eidi has been doin g this for many years now and is a well-respected expert in the Southeastern Michigan, Southwestern Ohio, and Northwestern Ohio markets.

Eidi Properties is a company that Ramy Eidi has spent the last decade building. It started with just one property, but has now grown to include a large number of commercial property holdings in Ohio and Michigan. Eidi Properties has been able to expand pretty rapidly because of their success in identifying properties with hidden values.

Eidi Properties has always maintained experts in-house with the capability of supporting all the critical real estate services that could be needed. Eidi Properties has always maintained a hands-on, guided, management style that benefits their partners and clients. Ramy Eidi is proud of the caliber of work that his company does and is happy to work with their partners to supply a superior product. Ramy Eidi has put together a portfolio of properties that is as impressive as it is valuable.